We are people from Grace Church who love our town and are gathering around a few ideas of how best to make that love count for something:


1. You can't love something you don't know, so we're dedicated to simply enjoying and serving at all the community events we can. 


2. We want our town to be a better place to live for everyone here, so we believe in helping the people who live here. That's starting with community events, but we hope it will grow from there. 


3. We love to serve and help people, and it's more fun together, so everyone is invited to serve alongside us – yes, you!


Equip volunteers to serve locally

You want to serve, and we can help you find a place to do that. We have a growing list of local events and organizers who could use your help. Plus we just love to serve, too. 

Supply local events with great volunteers

One of the toughest parts of organizing an event can be finding reliable volunteers. We work with organizers ahead of time to find the help they need.

Inspire people to live lives rich with purpose

We believe we were made to live in real community with each other, and that our purpose doesn't stop there. We'd love to tell you more about it, but we'll never preach at you. 

LoveThis.Town team

We'd love to serve alongside you. Fill out the quick application below, and let's love this town together!

Thanks for loving this town.

Keith Alewine




Need volunteers?

Organizing a Durango event? We'll do our best to connect you with the volunteers you'll need to make it work. Call or e-mail!



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Join with us and let's watch these numbers grow together!


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